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Priority Seating

What is Priority Seating?
We Do Not Take Reservations:  As a courtesy, we will take your name, date, and time you are coming in up to 3 months in advance.  Unfortunately, due to many of our customers enjoying their meal at Purple Olive, and due to the size of our dining room, we can only estimate when your table will be ready IF there is a wait.
We Do Not Hold Tables. We seat in order of arrival, giving the “call ahead priority seating list,” priority.  Larger groups of 5 or more are planned for accordingly.  Once our seats are full, we are dependent upon tables becoming available at our customers’ pace.
Complete Parties: During peak hours, we will only seat groups that are complete.  If your group is not complete, we will sit the group after you.  Once your group is complete, we will give you priority for the next table available.
Thank you for your understanding!

Priority Seating Request

Fill out the form below to join our priority seating list. Please allow 24 hours in advance,
or call 904-461-1250 day of.